Black Models and “Professional” Hair

Black models hair is so unique and versatile. One of my most Frequently Asked Questions is, How should I wear my hair to a Casting?

More specifically, I get that question from Black aspiring models the most.

So how should you wear it to a casting…Its a simple answer really.

Wear it HOWEVER you want, just make sure it is out of your face.
In essence:


If you have a huge afro…wear it (as long as its out of your face)
If you have a lace front…wear it (As long as its out of your face AND looks natural)
If you have a weave…wear it (As long as its out of your face)
If you have a relaxer…wear it (as long as its out of your face)


…see where I’m going with this?

You can wear your hair out, up, down, and swirled around town. Just make sure it is out of your face.


Be prepared to possibly be told that they will want to style your hair differently to fit the look for the booking. If its something your aren’t comfortable with, be professional and say “thank you for your time” and politely decline.

Then move on to the next gig.

Want to know if you should wear braids to a casting?
Check out my post about braids.

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What to Wear to A Casting in the Winter #FAQ #ModelAdvice



Top 5 Things to wear to a casting in the winter FAQ

The key things to remember when you are going to a casting are to look tall and look in shape. In the summer its pretty easy to pick anything that would compliment your shape but in the winter most people tend to wear clothes that can be a bit on the bulky side. (I mean its winter, we have to keep warm somehow!) I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately on what to wear to a casting if you happen to live where its cold this time of year like me.

Check out my suggestions on 5 outfits that are appropriate to wear to a casting in the winter months.



[tps_title]First things first….The Shoes![/tps_title]

Image – Pinterest

The key thing to have as a model even in the winter is a great modest pair of pumps. Avoid clunky heels and platforms and go with a stiletto or plain pair of pumps or ankle booties in nude or black. You may want to wear your favorite thigh high boots, don’t. Even if they fit the shape of your leg closely, just wear pumps it makes the casting process easier especially if you have to try on various outfits of which your boots will take away from the overall look.

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Recap: Funny Moments at #NYFW – #ilaughed

New York Fashion Week comes around but twice a year and every time its filled with the seriousness of FASHION and STATUS (insert glitter sprinkle here). I personally did not attend any shows this season but with my poppin Instagram Feed, Chef Roble, and Nicki Minaj, I caught all the hilarity without having to hop the train the NYC.

With that, here are 3 moments that occurred during fashion week that I found funny. If you don’t laugh, chuckle, or crack a smile…drink some prune juice 😉

So I bought these purple pumps… #shoes #fashion

Purple Pumps


…and I after I bought them I couldn’t figure out what to wear with them! lol If you follow me on Instagram youd see the pic that is above when I wasn’t sure if I was going to get them or not. I snagged these at JC Penny on clearance for $10 and according to my IG family I definitely had to get them, so I did and now the research had to begin on what to wear these with lol


So I did some researching and I found a few examples of how i’m going to freak these shoes…

With Neon and Pastels

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3 of My Favorite Spring Fashion Trends

The calendar says that Spring is here! But with all the seasons that Mother Nature seems to want to throw at NJ, I don’t know what to wear out of the house anymore! So in my limited free time, I’ve been skimming a few magazines and sites, and out of all of the spring fashion trends that are forecasted out there, I came of with 3 of my favs. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!


Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket
Varsity Jacket

Spring is here, the ups and downs with this weather requires a good windbreaker for those chilly days and breezy nights as summer comes about. My favorite look for the unpredictable weather happens to be the Varsity Jacket. They look great no matter if you wear it with a dress or jeans. Depending on the style of your jacket you can make it the focal-point of your look with jackets made with non traditional fabrics, such as floral print and metallic colors. Make your look with a Varsity Jacket completely your own!

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Janice Dickinson, Lil Kim, Tiffany ”New York” Pollard, and Other Reality Stars Walk #NYFW “The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS” Runway Show

The first annual show of its kind, The Reality of Fashion, The Reality of AIDS; kicked off from what I hear, a grandly successful event. The Fashion show featured about 25 Reality Show Stars as Runway Models to raise awareness about the AIDS disease and the people it affects and to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.


Broadway Cares funds more than 450 AIDS and family service organizations across the country. In New York, Broadway Cares funds more than 60 AIDS and family service organizations, and an additional 420 around the country, from rural Mississippi to downtown Detroit.


The Celebrity Model list included:

1.      Deena Cortese- The Jersey Shore
2.      Janice Dickinson – Americas Next Top Model
3.      Ramona Rizzo –Mob Wives
4.      Drita D’Avanzo- Mob Wives
5.      Sheree Whitfield – Real Housewivs of Atlanta (Did not appear – Flight was Cancelled due to Winter Storm Nemo)
6.      Lil Kim –Dancing With the Stars
7.      Courtney Robertson – The Bachelor
8.      Tracy DiMarco- Jerseylicious
10.   Carissa Rosario- ABC’s “The Big Time”
11.   Elizabeth Vashisht – Tough Love New Orleans
12.   Leslie Birkland- Big Rich Texas
13.   Alex McCord -The Real Housewives of New York
14.   Brittany Brower – Americas Next Top Model
15.   Nikki Rae Walker –Big Rich Texas
16.   Briella Calafiore – Glam Fairy
17.   Jessica Romano – Glam Fairy
18.   Tiffany ”New York”  Pollard –I Love New York
19.   Michelle Money –The Bachelor
20.   Ramona Singer – The Real Housewives of New York
21.   Keenyah Hill – Americas Next Top Model
22.   Courtney Robertson: The Bachelor
23.   Leslie Birkland – Big Rich Texas
24.   Karlie Redd – Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
25.   Rachel Truehart – The Bachelor

The featured designer of the night was Dominique Auxilly, of which her collection features various styles of women’s couture. From what I see, the clothes were really nice and flowy in the right places and it was refreshing to see these reality stars using their stardom for a great cause. These ladies carried it well and looks like they had a fun time doing it! Check out a few of my favs from the show.

no images were found

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Jessica White Models Style – #ModelStyle #ModelTip #ModelAdvice

Model Jessica White is working this look that I came across in Pinterest the other day. I was searching for some suggestions on what models should wear to casting calls and this image popped up!
What makes this look perfect is that it is great for attending castings and go sees and for everyday style. How would you wear this style if you don’t have a super model budget? Check out my suggestions where all pieces are priced under $100, enjoy!


Jessica White Style

**Suggestion for wearing this to a Casting Call – If you are going to wear this look, be sure that whatever shirt you wear with this look is form fitting!

Stomp The Runway Against Domestic Violence

I know I’m probably going to look really bad for just posting this but, things have been really busy lately for me and I couldn’t put this post off any longer. So here goes!

I attended the Stop the Runway Against Domestic Violence Fashion show benefit dedicated to the late Vanessa Banks of Philadelphia. I have never met Ms. Banks, but from what I have heard and read about her online she was a model from who was murdered by her boyfriend in a domestic violence incident. When I heard about the event, I knew it was something that I had to attend and support. Domestic Violence is an undercover issue especially with our young adults and it needs to be brought to the light. Its a shame that she had to die in order for this cause to have garnered attention on this level but for me, I’m glad it did. Everyone knows of someone who has been or is a victim of domestic violence. They may not have told you about it but you can bet that out of every 3 people that you know, 1 of them is or has been in a domestic violence situation. This was one of the stats that was mentioned at the show by author Brenda L. Thomas who is a victim of domestic violence. She gave a brief account of her experience of being in an abusive relationship and how she eventually came to the point she is at now. What stuck with me the most is when she mentioned that she did not want others to go through what she went through and that is why she tells her story. The key to everything in this life is knowledge, when you don’t know something it leaves you at a disadvantage. When you know what domestic violence is and how to identify it, you are more than likely to survive and hopefully help others to do the same.


NOW comes the Show RECAP!

What I wore:

With all of the running around that I have been doing lately, I opted to keep it simple, professional, and cool. I’m so used to dressing “modelly” so I decided to look like the cute young business owner that I am, that’s out for the night lol. Sho here’s how I achieved that look:


  • My trademark Cinnabun Hair do with my Flower in my hair.
  • EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel
  • a bunch of bobby pins
  • a black shoelace to tie up that ‘froliciousness 😀
  • Foundation L’Oreal HIP
  • Fashion Fair Pressed Powder
  • Hard Candy “temptation” pallet eye-shadow (inner corner)
  • NYC brow kit in brunette (brows)
  • L’Oreal “copper penny” eye-shadow (lids)
  • Yagolicious “fireplace” eye-shadow (crease/outer corner)
  • NYC liquid eyeliner “extra black”
  • Clinique eye-shadow palette in copper-mine (highlight/brow bone)
  • Maybeline Mascara in blackest black (that trademark pink bottle with the green cap)
  • Too Faced Eye-shadow primer
  • Salon Effects Natural lashes #53
  • NYC Lipstick in Blue Rose
Outfit (nothing fancy)
  • Dress – Ya Los Angeles (bought it at Plato’s Closet)
  • Jacket (had that thang so long IDK where I got it)
  • Shoes Grey pumps from Bakers

What do you think of my look?

Show Details and Pics!

The Purple Carpet started off with local radio personality Kendra G hosting and interviewing the talent and VIPs of the night…

Kendra G interviewing Designer Carmelita Martell of Carmelita Couture on the Purple Carpet

While everyone mingled and settled into their place to watch the show…


…While the the models looked great as they showcased a few designs before the show started. they all donned loosely curled hair that was smooth at the roots and teased towards to the ends creating a what looked like a semi-afro for most of the models. Makeup looked lovely as well, Im a lover of a RED lip and it was done spectacularly (is that a word?! lol). It was glam enough that the eyes weren’t competing with the lips and achieved a very balanced face.

I did have an opportunity to meet the makup sponsors for this event but I can’t remember the name of the company, or the name of the woman I spoke to. If you happen to read this please reach out to me with your contact info, I’d love to find out more about your products! 🙂

But I digress, next up the clothes……….BABY, the clothes! lol

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5 One-Piece Swimsuits that are Really CUTE! #swimwear #fashion

I came across these suits today in my search for summer 🙂 I don’t know about you but I cant wait to hop in the pool, stroll down the beach, and just hang around some water in a cute swimsuit!

I usually don’t wear one piece swimsuits, except for monokinis, but these one piece suits I’d definitely pick up, they aren’t overly sexy like some sliced up swimsuits I’ve seen and will flatter any shape. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!

no images were found