3 Dryuary Recipes from my TV segment on What’s On Tap

Somehow somebody let me back on TV! lol

If you are reading this its probably because you are looking for the information about the Dryuary products that I talked about on What’s On Tap. And if you are here by chance or because you missed that episode, don’t forget to check it out by clicking here.

Here goes!

The 3 drinks that I talked about on the show

The de-alcoholized wine – Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

The de-alcoholized champagne – Fre Brut

The cocktail – The Southampton

Let me know if you try any of these and if you have any suggestions for more great tasting cocktails/mocktails for Dryuary!



Alcoholic Sparkling Water…Yea that’s a thing now #LiveTruly

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Have you ever been thinking about something and then magically it appeared? That’s what happened when I was thinking about something light and not overly sugary, like wine coolers, to sip on over the weekend. Enter my mom, asking if I ever heard of Truly…


…and I’m like WHUT?!

Apparently, the person that was reading my mind was the folks over at Truly. Truly is a “Spiked Sparkling Water” that claims 100 calories and 2g of carbs. Now, to some of you, you probably wouldn’t care about that, but me, I care.


I’ve had a few friends deal with health issues this year, and I recently started working out more and watching what I eat (sometimes, lol) including what I drink. I’m working on becoming healthier in all aspects of life, especially with my sips. So something like this sparkling water deal was perfect for my Sunday sipping because I really didn’t want to do club soda and vodka or anything that might take me from 0 – 100 real quick (Drake voice), or something that felt too heavy to drink.

Side note – Most alcoholic beverages don’t have Nutritional Facts on them…can Truly get a round of applause for that please?! We need more brands to do this!!! 

Soooo…I took a sip and it was just what I was looking for something with a light texture that I could sip on all day. It was bubbly, but not to the point where it felt like I was drinking soda. It reminded me of a settled sparkling water with a little bit of flavor. The one I had was Grapefruit & Pomelo (wth is a pomelo?) but the flavor and the taste of alcohol wasn’t overkill, it was enough to where you got the point, this ain’t some plain water.


So would I drink this again…welp yea!

I could see this really mixing well with a few cocktails I like to make with sparkling water on top of being able to sip it and being able to still function after it. The taste was very clean and not overly bubbly and if I had to suggest the perfect thing to mix with it, it would be Belvedere. ONLY because it has that clean taste also and Putting the 2 together I imagine it would taste light and refreshing, but pack a punch (that 0 – 100 I was talking about earlier).

Have you tried any other sparkling waters with alcohol? Tell me about it in the comments or on Social Media!


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Drink Responsibly!

Cool Out With Some Sangria This Weekend #drinks #sangria

I looooooove white wine, not really a fan of red. Especially red, dry wine. BUT, this particular sangria recipe with red wine, a friend shared with me and I love it.


Get your favorite red wine. I prefer a Red (Rose) Moscato. Pour it in a large pitcher and add a healthy dose of blackberry syrup (not pancake syrup, unless you like that taste!) along with real blackberries, apple slices, blood orange slices, and a few grapes or peach slices and let it sit in your fridge for at least 2 hours so that all the flavors can marry and serve to you and your guests and watch it disappear in about an hour!

This is one of my favorite sangria recipies and I hope that you will love it too!



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Stay Beautiful! 🙂

Cheers to the Freekin Weekend!!! #drinks #martinis

Welcome to the start of your weekend! For me its the start of my work week! But since most of America is gearing up to relax with friends or party it up. I wanted to suggest a drink to try while you are out and about.

Its summertime, and if you are looking for something strong and sweet, go for a Watermelon Martini.

There’s tons of different ways that you can make this, it all comes down to your preference.

For the person who prefers to use real fruit in their martini, pour 2 shots of Grey Goose, 1/2 oz of pureed watermelon with the juice, and a splash of grenadine into a glass filled with ice and then cover and shake to make sure its all mixed together and strain your drink into a martini glass.

For the person who would like their martini a bit sweeter but still strong, pour 1.5 shots of Grey Goose Vodka, 1/2 oz of watermelon Schnapps, and a splash of watermelon Pucker into a glass filled with ice, shake, strain into a martini glass and enjoy!

Also, if you are serving this drink up for parties or you just want to make your drink look really good for those instagram flicks, add a slice or watermelon to the side of the glass!

Let me know if you made this drink!

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Until next post…

Stay beautiful! 🙂


I need a new Place to Work…

As some of you may know, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook,  My favorite place to get work done is at Starbucks. I love the “caffinated” atmosphere, everyone sipping and getting work done. I think the smell of coffee also gets me motivated to do work too… but, I NEED A NEW PLACE TO WORK!!!

and by that I don’t mean a job (but if you have any leads I’m perfect for please let me know!). I mean a new place in terms of location. Starbucks gives me what I need when I’m here but I cant keep spending $3 – $10 a day on this “crackk!” I wish there were some places where I can work that gives me the same atmosphere, free wifi, and great coffee drinks at a lower price!

Please give me some suggestions!

Places I’ve tried:
Panera Bread
Dunkin Donuts
Barnes and Nobles
Various Diners located close to me

Memorial Day Weekend – Friends and Cookouts!

Started out my weekend catching up with friends I havent seen in a long time (a few years I think) at Friday’s. (at the bar of course, lol) We all got some food and some drinks and well… here’s what MY section looked like by the end of our time there lol:

We all had 2 glasses of Wine, 4 shots of Jeigermiester (don’t judge lol) and a beer for protection. (I’ll explain how a beer is protection at a later date lol) Some drank their beer, I let mine chill as we caught up on each other’s lives and shared a few laughs…Good times!

Then the following day, I headed to a friend’s bbq for one of her family members who had graduated from college. Tore some burgers, chicken, hotdogs, and pasta salad UP! Then being as my homie is a bartender as well she created a mango slushie that was perfect for the cook out. By the end, this is what my area looked like lol:

Yes you are correct, you are seeing a baby’s bottle next to the mike’s lol. We spent the cookout as aunties for our friend’s baby…you need a mikes after that! lol


Fun times! Hope you had a great start to the summer this weekend.

AND don’t forget to remember those who gave their lives for our country this Memorial Day!