Found a new fav Red Lipstick…and I cut My hair!!!

In my never ending search for a good red lipstick, I decided to pick up a “cheap-y” brand.  And my #1 go to for a quick cheap-y is Wet N Wild.  It never fails me lol.  I decided to try one of their liquid lipsticks and I picked up a red and a pink, Cherry on Top  and Rose to the Occasion. Both of which I looooove!

I’ve searched for other reviews online and the common complaint was that it was sticky. Well, most stains are sticky until it’s completely dry, and if you press your lips together while it’s still wet you’ll mess up the finished look. So for those reviews, I basically wrote those people off as not knowing what the hell they were talking about lol.

I also did a hair show earlier this month and my hair was very broken and damaged to the point where the stylist suggested that I cut it, so I did and thus my new short do’! (The styles pictured are not of the original style that they stylist created. If you want to see that, click here.)

But any who… Check out my results:

Cherry On Top

I love that these colors are so pigmented! If you are like me and have 2 different colors of lips (my top lip is brown and my bottom lip is light pink) you see how you can’t tell that I have different skin colors for my lips. Most liquid lip colors don’t really work that well for women of color like me but with the amount of pigmentation in these $3 lippies has me sold.

Just so you know, I only did one coat for each of these colors, no primer, and no lip liner. ANNND The color doesn’t BUDGE! Check out my kiss test below:


There is a down side to these though. I wore each of these through an entire day and they lasted without fading or peeling etc… UNTIL I ate something that contained oil. For me it was buffalo wings on one day and a salad with italian dressing on another day. Everything else I ate, the colors lasted and I had no issue with them.


So my final verdict on these lip colors is that it is a STRONG contender for the Stila lipstains and the Sephora lipstains, its VERY budget friendly especially if you dont want to spend between $12 -$25 on a lipstain

The products mentioned in my post were purchased by me and I am not being offered any compensation for my thoughts/views on this product.

2 Eye Makeup Products You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On

My makeup bag is in desperate need of a restocking on my favorite makeup makeup products. I ventured to a few of my favorite makeup stores to get the best deal on the items that I needed and out of EVERYTHING that I purchased I decided to step away from the norm for a few staple items and try something new. My reasoning for trying something newer was mainly based on curiosity or the item was on sale. (I’m frugal when I need to be!) I should have stuck to my normal products and kept it moving.

Eye Shadow Primer

Sephora Brand VS Too Faced Shadow Insurance


I usually purchase Too Faced Shadow Insurance but this time, the price went up! So I asked the associate for other brands that would be worth it to try, and she suggested Kat Von D’s Primer and Urban Decay’s Primer. Kat’s primer didn’t come in any transparent or Women of color friendly shades so that was out for me, and Urban Decay I had used for the longest until they changed their packaging and their product just didn’t seem to work the same once they did. The associate’s final suggestion was the Sephora brand, which was cheaper and it was transparent. It was exactly what I was looking for so I purchased it, and went home to try the next morning.

Why it was not worth buying:

When I applied it I noticed that the product was white and it was the consistency of lotion. I thought that was different and that it might melt into my skin faster than my normal primer. Then I applied it to my eye and waited about a minute or so and applied my eye makeup. About 4 hours into wearing my makeup my eyes started to burn. The only time that happens is when my eye makeup is starting to ‘melt’ or my oily lids began to make the makeup on my lids slide around my face! So I went to a mirror and I noticed the my lids were creasing like I never applied any primer! I was so mad! lol I expected that the primer would have been equivalent to what I’m used to because it was the store’s brand but sadly it was not. I decided to give the primer another go just to see if it was some type of glitch with the product, and sadly it failed me and creased horribly again.  My verdict on Sephora’s Eye shadow primer, not worth it. Stick with one of the name brands, for me I’ll be sticking with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Eyelash Glue

NYX Stuck On You Lash Adhesive in Black VS DUO Lash Adhesive in Black


For the eye lash glue, ok. Imagine this… you are out of town and you love wearing lashes but the store only has NYX eyelash glue in stock and its a reasonable price, $6 I think, and you really need your glue fix. What do you do?!!!!?!!!

Welp, you buy it like I did and pray that it works just as good as your DUO glue.

I opened the tube, the product ran out like water and I was caught off guard from that. I put the cap back on the tube and shook it up, it turned into a runny thickness, something I was able to work with enough to apply to the band, so I applied it to my strip lashes applied them to my lash line and went on about my merry little way!

While I was looking on my phone a few hours later, I kept noticing this strange shadow whenever I looked to my left. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I touched my eye and realized that it was my lash and it was beginning to lift. I thought I would have at least been able to make it through the day with they glue. When I wear the DUO I can wear my lashes for 24 hours if I sleep face up! lol I expected the same, if not better from NYX, simply because it was NYX! My verdict on NYX’s eyelash adhesive… leave it alone and try to find another brand of glue, DUO if you can. Otherwise, you might me looking at your lashes on the table instead of on your eye! lol


What products have you spent money on that hasn’t been worth the money?


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and Stay beautiful! 🙂