Recap: Funny Moments at #NYFW – #ilaughed

New York Fashion Week comes around but twice a year and every time its filled with the seriousness of FASHION and STATUS (insert glitter sprinkle here). I personally did not attend any shows this season but with my poppin Instagram Feed, Chef Roble, and Nicki Minaj, I caught all the hilarity without having to hop the train the NYC.

With that, here are 3 moments that occurred during fashion week that I found funny. If you don’t laugh, chuckle, or crack a smile…drink some prune juice 😉

My Review of #TreySongz’s – “#TRIGGA” and details about his next album…

Ok, so I’ve been a fan of Trey Songz for a long time. Wanna know how long? Let’s just say loooong… yeah, I know.

But anywho.

Of course I made it a point to buy the newest album that came out July 1st. Soon as I bought it, snapped a flick of me and the album for the ‘gram (click here to see the pic), then proceeded to pop the cd into my car player to give it a listen.

The 6th installment following his “Chapter 5”, Trey Songz gives us “Trigga”. The difference between this and previous albums from the singer, well theres a ton. Let’s start with the obvious, the track listing. For this album, Songz enlisted the collaborations of various artists from Justin Bieber to Juicy J, and Nicki Minaj and more. As someone who is a fan of Trey, I’ve never seen more than one or 2 features on an album. I wonder what made him pursue making this album so feature heavy. I have a few speculations such as marketing strategies to get him to a higher visible level of mainstream notoriety, but I think that’s something for another blog post…

If you follow the previous albums of Songz, you would notice that he attempts to give you some type of vision of the love life, or lack thereof, dealings that he has experienced during the creation of an album. Everyone mentions that all he talks about is sex, how he invented it and whatnot. But what he mentions on this album is the effect that fame has on his dealings with women. From women that he links up with for a night or 2 when he’s in their city, or women that he may have began some type of minor commitment to and he details the extent of those relationships. One might say that if you go by the songs that he puts out, he’s not looking to settle down and there’s isnt a key woman in his life just yet.

As for the sound of “TRIGGA,” Fans of R&B music have been longing for ‘real’ R&B to make a comeback. There s more of a hip hop influence on the genre and less melody/harmony going on as of late. With “Trigga”, Songz attempts to give a balance of the classic style of music that he started out with when he released “I Gotta Make it” and “Trey Day” with today’s more common blend of Hip Hop/R&B. While I will ALWAYS love Trey, I would have been happier with more of his classic R&B style than a ton of collaborations. I understand that he’s attempting to reach a broader audience with these features but I need all that “jazz” on a mixtape and not so much on an album…

Also, I wanted to note that Trey says this is his best album yet.

For me, I love this album, but nothing he’s put out after 2009 is topping “Ready”… so far. There’s been a bunch of singular hits on albums since then, but not a quite a solid “play all the way through album” as ‘Ready.” So, until the next release, I’m looking forward to what he has to come.

With that here are a few of tracks that really stood out for me  as favs.

  • Cake
  • Foreign
  • Nana (of course)
  • Smartphones
  • Y.A.S.
  • Mr. Steal Your Girl

and every bonus track on the deluxe album

  • Hard to Walk Away
  • Serial
  • Sneaky

A little birdie told me that the bonus tracks are a sample of the next album to follow “TRIGGA”


TRIGGA Deluxe Tracklist:

1. Cake
2. Foreign
3. Na Na
4. Touchin, Lovin (featuring Nicki Minaj)
5. Disrespectful (featuring Mila J)
6. Dead Wrong (featuring Ty Dolla $ign)
7. All We Do
8. Foreign Remix (featuring Justin Bieber)
9. Late Night (featuring Juicy J)
10. Smartphones
11. Yes, No, Maybe
12. Y.A.S.
13.Change Your Mind
14. What’s Best For You
15. Love Around The World
16. I Know (Can’t Get Back)
17. Mr. Steal Your Girl


“TRIGGA” in stores and online


PS the next album from Trey is going to be called “TREMAINE” – just remember, you heard it here first!




*My face when I heard “Mr. Steal Your Girl” lol*

Have you taken a look at the @NickiMinaj Summer Collection? Its really cute!

Doing my usual scrolling and checking out various videos on YouTube, I was getting ready to watch a video when the ad for the Nicki Minaj Collection came across my screen. Like most people when those youtube ads come on you wait the 5 or 10 seconds and click forward but this time after watching the required 10 seconds, I like the outfits that I saw. The collection is really cute and fun for the summer!

My favs from the commercial include the red swimsuit, and the cutoff white shorts with the pockets exposed.

Check out a few more of my favs:

Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt
Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt


Cut Off Overalls
Cut Off Overalls
Chevron Shorts
Chevron Shorts


Check out more of the collection here –

Oh and  “Baby Naomi” was servin in that video wasn’t she?!….WERK!!!

Nicki proving once again that she’s “not a rappa [she’s] a branda”

So Nicki Minaj takes on the beauty game again, this time with Nail Polish. Further confirming for me that she’s “not a rappa [she’s] a branda”

Taken from Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams Remix on Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings Mixtape, Nicki clearly knows where the money is coming in and could care less about what people has to say about it:
“I am the kung fu panda,
f-ck all o’ ya blogs, f-ck all o’ ya propaganda,
good for the goose then its good for the gander,
nicki aint a rappa, nicki is a branda…”


Get your money Nicki – and I LOVE these colors!

Pink Friday Nail Lacquer


Save Me Nail Lacquer
Superbass Nail Lacquer



Did it on 'em Nail Lacquer


Metallic for Life Nail Lacquer



I love each and everyone of these colors, I hope they have a gift set, I want to try them all out!

Let me know what you think about her collection.