Have you taken a look at the @NickiMinaj Summer Collection? Its really cute!

Doing my usual scrolling and checking out various videos on YouTube, I was getting ready to watch a video when the ad for the Nicki Minaj Collection came across my screen. Like most people when those youtube ads come on you wait the 5 or 10 seconds and click forward but this time after watching the required 10 seconds, I like the outfits that I saw. The collection is really cute and fun for the summer!

My favs from the commercial include the red swimsuit, and the cutoff white shorts with the pockets exposed.

Check out a few more of my favs:

Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt
Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt


Cut Off Overalls
Cut Off Overalls
Chevron Shorts
Chevron Shorts


Check out more of the collection here – http://www.shopyourway.com/nickiminaj/store

Oh and  “Baby Naomi” was servin in that video wasn’t she?!….WERK!!!

One thing I love about Spring…MINI DRESSES! (Forever 21)



I can’t wait until the month of May get to the point where warm weather begins to be a constant staple of everyday life. I sooooo can’t wait to break out the MINI DRESSES!!!!! I love showing leg in the summer! Mini Dresses are just so effortlessly sexy and free, Ive already got a few looks in mind that I am going to add to my wardrobe. All of the designers have great looks, but I don’t have a designer budget so check out this video of the designer looks then check out my Forever 21 picks below and tell me what you think!


Pleated V-Neck Dress $19.80
Abstract Print Dress $17.80
Island Vacation Dress $19.80
Cherish Crepe Chiffon Dress $24.80


What will your staple of the summer be this year?