How to: Live your “Life with Style” According to Lifestyle Expert, Cameron Washington

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Do you spend countless hours in front of the TV or computer screen admiring the lifestyle of your favorite celebrities? I don’t know about you, but I sure do. As a college student, I remember how challenging it was to keep up with the latest trends, go the finest restaurants in town, and live with style in general, as some of the men I admire in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Just when I was ready to give up on pursuing that lifestyle, on my Facebook newsfeed appeared the promotional ad for Life with Style, a guide to etiquette and style by the “Renaissance Man”, Cameron Washington.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Washington and ask a few questions in regards to his upcoming book and tour.

Here’s the interview:

G. Cuadrado: Your book aims to challenge the way media influences its audience to believe they must be wealthy to live in style. How did you accomplish that?

CW: I accomplished that by using my personal life as a template. I speak of it in chapter one of my book. I was often discouraged because I did not know how I could reach the level of people I saw on TV and magazines, but I knew I could offer just as much as they did. One day I finally had an “auhhau” moment and realized I had to start living a fabulous life in my day-to-day walk. In the book, I use my experiences to show positive ways in which anyone in any given setting can experience a life full of surprises and delights.

G. Cuadrado: What has helped shape your vision and sense of style?

CW: My mother, who I dedicated the book to. I believe Martha Stewart has nothing on her. My mother is always entertaining family and friends by putting together the most amazing parties with a phenomenal sense of style. Also, my grandmother, who is one of the sharpest women I know. Being surrounded by both of them really put the style and entertaining bug in me, in addition to my grandfather, a very stylish man himself.

G. Cuadrado: What makes Life with Style different from any other books on related topics?

CW: What makes Life with Style different is that it offers advice and suggestions on different aspects of life, from how to network, to proper etiquette in dinning settings, home décor and more. In addition, it offers hassle-free and affordable ways to create euphoria, and implement amazing style to life. In the book, I also share my personal experiences and tactics, and share several images with readers to show how I implement style into all aspects of my life. I wanted the book to have that personal touch.

G. Cuadrado: What do you look forward to most while on tour promoting Life with Style?

CW: To meet new and amazing people and watching their lives change after reading Life with Style. I will be touring in other cities including Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

With that, our interview came to an end, leaving me to anticipate and look forward to the book release party this coming Sunday, April 10th, at Ms. Tootsies in Philadelphia. According to Washington’s publicist, Keven Parker, restaurant owner will share congratulatory remarks, along with emerging Author, Shontel Hightower, and Clinical Psychologist and Communicator, Dr. Chuck Williams. Ultimate Emergence Wellness Group and A LITTLE TIED UP-TIE COMPANY are sponsoring this event. Admission is free and open to the public.

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