How to Get Work as a Promotional Model #modeladvice #modellife

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How to find work:

Now that you have those things together you need to find work. There are literally tons of avenues to find work; here are a few methods I use:

  • Search the Gigs, Talent, and Job sections on craigslist for “brand ambassador”, “model”, “spokesperson” , “trade show model”, “promotional model”, “promo girl”, “event staff”,
  • Join groups on Facebook. Search for groups that have “brand ambassador” or “promo model” in the title such as one of the groups I’m a part of called “Brand Ambassadors of New Jersey” but replace NJ with where ever you are open to working. There’s jobs posted all day long in those groups.
  • Google search the same terms mentioned in the Craigslist bullet point but follow each term with agency or company. You’ll find a ton of national and local companies that continuously send out email blasts when they are looking for people to work.
  • Create a profile on Model Mayhem, One Model Place, etc. Their job boards also have promotional job opportunities from time to time.
  • Ask promo models when you see them out working. A lot of them will tell you what companies they work for, some won’t for fear that they won’t get booked as much, but not to worry, there’s plenty of work out there for everyone. Ask them what company books them for work and how you can apply. Some companies prefer you fill out a form on their website or you may contact the manager directly.
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