How to Get Work as a Promotional Model #modeladvice #modellife

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What to say when reaching out for opportunities

Now that you have found opportunities to apply to, here’s what you should say if you are required to contact the company or manager via email:

Dear (XXXX),

My name is (your name here), and I am writing to you in response to your posting about (title of the job or posting here, or detail how you found out about the position if you were referred to a company). I am interested in working with your company and I have attached my resume and 2 pictures for your review. I am very energetic, personable and I enjoy meeting and talking with new people. If you would be interested in having me be a part of your (job, project, event, team, etc.) please feel free to contact me via my cell.

I look forward to your reply,

(Your name here)

(Your cell phone number here)


Hope this helps you to book some promo modeling work.


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Definition of a business model. #iModel, #iBlog, #iPour, and I make it look good! :-)