Welcome Letter to All Visitors:

Ever since I’ve owned AleanElston.com the format has changed so many times, I’ve lost count! I’ve always thought that because this site bears my name it should be all about me, a place where you can learn all about what I’m doing. At first it was all about my modeling, then after a few years, I graduated from college and it became about me and my company, 5290 Media Group, and my clients. Now, it’s back to being all about me in a new blog format. All about me in a sense that I have grown throughout the years and I have acquired knowledge and I am eager to share a bit of my life with you all. No, I’m not a journalist, and I’m not aspiring to become an author, I just want to share my world and my mind. My life consists of Music, Fashion, Beauty, Business, Modeling, and of course experiences experienced, interesting people I’ve people met, and lessons learned. I hope you all will enjoy your time on the site and gain a bit of insight about my life, the lives of the contributors, and yours as well.


With Love,