Model Coaching Call

When I started modeling, I didn’t have anyone to ask all of my questions to. I didn’t have any model mentors and the internet was my only resource. There weren’t a ton of people at the time talking about how they got started or giving a lot of modeling advice so the only place I had to turn to for advice was my own experience and models & professionals I met along the way.


I try as much as I can to give my advice based on my industry experience here on, but sometimes I know you need and want to ask questions that apply to you personally. I had no one in my corner to give me direct industry advice and I thought if I could be that person for aspiring and professional models, I could help make the modeling career journey way smoother for others compared to how it was for me.


For only $30, you can have a model consultation with me and ask me ANYTHING you want regarding the business. You’ll have a full 30 minutes to talk to me about your concerns as a model, and get personalized modeling advice and tips! Your 30 minutes with me are focused on you and the knowledge you want to learn, directly from a model and industry professional who’s been there and is still there!


Within 24 hours of our call, you’ll receive:

  • a recording of our call and notes of everything we went over
  • my recommendations, resources, and timeline on what your next steps should be
  • the ability to keep in touch with me via email if you have any questions that come to mind after our call


Navigating a modeling career can be scary and hard, especially if you don’t know what to expect or look out for.


Let me help you…

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