“Shake It” Busta Rhymes ft. Trey Songz & Future | What I’m Listening To #music #hiphop

I wanted to start something new on my blog. I come across so much music, both from indies, unsigned, and signed artists that I want to share it all. I couldn’t figure out how to do that until recently so here it is, my new segment on my blog -“What I’m Listening To”

Let me say this:

I am open to receiving music for consideration to be a part of this feature but please don’t add me to any wack mailing list full of WACKNESS delivered to my inbox on a regular! Your b-hind will get blacklisted from my inbox if you do!

On that note please feel free to tweet me music – @CompleteBeauty or email it to me – info@aleanelston.com. I’ll only be responding to music I like, so please don’t ask me if I like your music. If I like it, it will show up on my site.


Thanks!! NOW… On to the MUSIC!!!

Shake It… I first heard this when I was in North Jersey last week. (I love NYC Radio) and I was like, Busa Buss?! Is that You?! Where you been at?! lol

I loved the beat, loved the hook, (I have a weakness for ratchetness in music, lol) the sampling, and the features, but Buss… I wasn’t too crazy about his part. Trey and Future Killed it but Busta Rhymes gave me a ‘meh’ feeling.


Take a listen to the song, and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below or tweet me with your thoughts!

3 of My Favorite Spring Fashion Trends

The calendar says that Spring is here! But with all the seasons that Mother Nature seems to want to throw at NJ, I don’t know what to wear out of the house anymore! So in my limited free time, I’ve been skimming a few magazines and sites, and out of all of the spring fashion trends that are forecasted out there, I came of with 3 of my favs. Check ’em out and let me know what you think!


Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket
Varsity Jacket

Spring is here, the ups and downs with this weather requires a good windbreaker for those chilly days and breezy nights as summer comes about. My favorite look for the unpredictable weather happens to be the Varsity Jacket. They look great no matter if you wear it with a dress or jeans. Depending on the style of your jacket you can make it the focal-point of your look with jackets made with non traditional fabrics, such as floral print and metallic colors. Make your look with a Varsity Jacket completely your own!

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Rihanna Demonstrates How She Rocks a Photoshoot (Video) | Complex

Rihanna is Queen of taking a bunch of pictures with not much on an making it look so effortless that “regular” people think that they can attempt the same looks (not successfully tho, lol). For the recent Complex Magazine cover shoot, Rihanna demonstrates how she works the camera for the shoot, taking “selfies” aka camera phone pics and holding the camera taking regular pictures of herself. Take notes, she may just show you a thing or 2!

Rihanna Demonstrates How To Shoot A Selfie (Video) | Complex.