“Shake It” Busta Rhymes ft. Trey Songz & Future | What I’m Listening To #music #hiphop

I wanted to start something new on my blog. I come across so much music through Prime Sound, both from indies, unsigned, and signed artists that I want to share it all. I couldn’t figure out how to do that until recently so here it is, my new segment on my blog -“What I’m Listening To”

Let me say this:

I am open to receiving music for consideration to be a part of this feature but please don’t add me to any wack mailing list full of WACKNESS delivered to my inbox on a regular! Your b-hind will get blacklisted from my inbox if you do!

On that note please feel free to tweet me music – @CompleteBeauty or email it to me – info@aleanelston.com. I’ll only be responding to music I like, so please don’t ask me if I like your music. If I like it, it will show up on my site.


Thanks!! NOW… On to the MUSIC!!!

Shake It… I first heard this when I was in North Jersey last week. (I love NYC Radio) and I was like, Busa Buss?! Is that You?! Where you been at?! lol

I loved the beat, loved the hook, (I have a weakness for ratchetness in music, lol) the sampling, and the features, but Buss… I wasn’t too crazy about his part. Trey and Future Killed it but Busta Rhymes gave me a ‘meh’ feeling.


Take a listen to the song, and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below or tweet me with your thoughts!





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