“RED FLAG” – I hope you know when something is wrong…

To all my models, I recently opened a message that was sent to me on model mayhem that looked suspect from the jump. Take a look at it and see if you see what I see…(click image to enlarge)

Do you see what I’m talking about?!!
Let’s go down the list for those of you who have no clue of what you are looking at…

  1. “JOB OFFER FROM GQ MAGAZINE” – First flag…Why would GQ be looking on model mayhem for models when if they ever needed models they would utilize an agency…
  2. There is NO picture and its listed as a new account…hmmm. Why no pictures? At least put some from the magazine up there.
  3. The name just screams fake to me after the 1st 2 red flags! lol
  4. The name “Jamie Bridge” which doesn’t match the name the account is listed under…seems odd right?! and the fact that this person tells me that they are 33 years old…why do I need to know that again?! o_O
  5. “I got a fashion outfit…in your area, get back to me for details….it is urgent” – What area am I located in? Could this message not be so general and urgent?!
    1. “Best way to contact me is by email” – If that’s the case, why didn’t you email me? and why can’t I just message you back on Model Mayhem?
    2. jamie.bridge02@live.com – (pause) If your conducting “GQ” business…why don’t you have a GQ.com email address like the rest of the people who work for the magazine?!
  6. End Result in my mind….FRAUD!!!! THIS IS NOT REAL!!!!

If you have received a message like this I hope you know how to spot and recognize a fake when you see it. There are plenty of models who fall for this, getting their hopes up and not using their heads…If you get a message like this please STOP, RE-READ, THINK ABOUT IT!!! and if its still strange to you MOVE ON, your 1st instinct is usually the right one.






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