Sir, are you “Thirsty”?! Take a sip of this metaphorical water…

I’m sure you have heard the term “THIRSTY” lately. Its becoming a more and more popular slang term when describing someone who is pursuing someone in a desperate and persistent manner even though the opposite party has expressed (often times non verbally) that they are not interested.

Personally, I don’t know if its the hints of summer that have been coming about lately, but I think the heat is making a lot of these dudes out here EXTRA thirsty.  I just want to let you all know that THIRSTINESS is not attractive! It is a major turn off, and if you aren’t sure if you are being thirsty or not, get yourself a glass cause if any of these apply to you I’m gonna give you the “water” you need to quench your thirst.

You might be thirsty if:

  1. Every time you ask that person out on a date or to spend time with you they are always busy, and never suggest a time/day that is good for them, but you just keep askin (take a sip)
  2. You find yourself not getting any phone calls anymore and you try to play slick games to get them to talk to you. “Oh my bad, I pressed the wrong person on my phone, but what’s up tho?” (take another sip)
  3. You shower that person with compliments and you get none in return…and you KEEP showering them with compliments, hoping they will eventually return them. (you must be a little parched)
  4. All on your facebook or twitter all you talk about is finding wifey or getting a hubby…
  5. Giving the person a nickname, like boo, sweetheart, etc, and they call you by your full government and they make it a point to never deviate from it…
  6. You exchange numbers, and you add them on ALL social networks 10 minutes later and then ask what took them so long to approve you, and in the process of waiting for them to approve you, you message people on their friend list about them…then if you get approved you comment most, if not all, of their pictures (you’re throat must be dry, take a sip patna)

and the list continues on from there.

The point to remember in order not to be considered thirsty is, if your find yourself putting fourth most of the effort and energy in communicating with a person or trying to make things work with someone but all you get is the Kanye Shrug or not even a “Oh that’s what’s up” you might just appear thirsty in their eyes and you should fall back.

Anyone who wants to be involved with you will make an effort to be with you and reciprocate feelings and communicate with you. If they don’t get yourself another “glass of water” and walk away, no need to make them feel like your thirstin over that particular glass. There’s plenty of water out there, find yourself the most refreshing source that will keep your cup running over.

What are some traits of “thirsty” people I missed? Please Share!





3 responses to “Sir, are you “Thirsty”?! Take a sip of this metaphorical water…”

  1. Boogie man! Avatar
    Boogie man!

    I disagree with your last statement. It is NOT true that if someone is interested, they will tell you. There are tons of females who will NEVER tell you that their bones twitch when you walk by. There are also those who fake the front! Sooooo youuuu take your water and shove it in your face!!!!

    1. Alean Elston Avatar
      Alean Elston

      Lmao, they may not tell you verbally but they will send you a signal. I appreciate that splash on this warm april day! Lol

      1. boogie man! Avatar

        Ok “Luv DocTAH”…… SPLASH!

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