One thing I love about Spring…MINI DRESSES! (Forever 21)



I can’t wait until the month of May get to the point where warm weather begins to be a constant staple of everyday life. I sooooo can’t wait to break out the MINI DRESSES!!!!! I love showing leg in the summer! Mini Dresses are just so effortlessly sexy and free, Ive already got a few looks in mind that I am going to add to my wardrobe. All of the designers have great looks, but I don’t have a designer budget so check out this video of the designer looks then check out my Forever 21 picks below and tell me what you think!


Pleated V-Neck Dress $19.80
Abstract Print Dress $17.80
Island Vacation Dress $19.80
Cherish Crepe Chiffon Dress $24.80


What will your staple of the summer be this year?





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