“Text or Call” Which do you Prefer?

Through out the majority of my adult life I have had my handy dandy cell phone. Made deals, had breakups, set meetings, cursed people out, and even comforted love ones all mainly using the simplicity of a text message. One of the things that I have noticed though, is that people tend to send text messages to have FULL conversations with me! To that I say, CALL ME! Do I have time to talk about something in depth with you via text, NO! Chances are, I’m busy working on 50 million other things and if you can pick up the phone and expedite the process, both of us can get on with what we have to take care of! (excuse my rant, but c’mon people!!! Text messages are 160 characters for a reason.)

With that, here are my rules for determining if you need to pick up the phone and call me or if we can get by with just a text, here it goes!

You should text me if:

  • You have a question you want to ask me that doesn’t require a detailed response. (Do not text me asking about the moon, sun, and the quasars and how they function in regards to the earth’s gravitational pull. #textsreadanddeleted)
  • You are running late by a few minutes and you just want to keep me posted.
  • You want to confirm our plans as still on.
  • You just saw some dumb, funny, or cuteness that you think i would like to see (please be sure to have a picture! lol)

Do not text me if:

  • You are promoting a party, photo/video shoot, or anything else unless its something that we have discussed prior and I asked you to send me that info, otherwise, get on facebook and bombard me with that stuff like the rest of the club promoters on facebook.
  • All you have to say is “HEY” and nothing EVER comes from you saying that (#textreadanddeleted #petpeeve #gokickyourself) if there is something you want to talk about specifically then thats fine, your “HEY” should accompany what you want to talk about. If it doesn’t, I’ve already formulated that you have nothing to talk about and you have officially annoyed me, please don’t waste digital energy on that bull.
  • “We need to talk” but you can’t talk right now…….Why the hell are you asking me to talk with you then?! Wait until you are available to tell me we need to talk and then lets talk about it if i’m not busy.
  • You have IMPORTANT NEWS: ie – you won the lottery, you are being robbed (-_-), you have to confess your undying love (chances are I don’t feel the same so save it), your car broke down and you need me to come get you, you are engaged, etc.


I think I’ve gotten my message across and as I come up with some more reasons to pick up the phone I’ll update this post with those additions.

What are some of your reasons for picking up  the phone instead of texting, let me know in the comments section below.





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