How to Develop a Sexy Elevator Pitch!

So , as usual, I was supposed to be doing work and I got sidetracked by a video on youtube. This one was about developing your elevator pitch. Terri Sjodin, explains how to break down all of the information you want to get across in a short amount of time into a short pitch that should generate interest in the person you are pitching your ideas or company to. She calls it a “Sexy” Pitch because it should entice people to want to know more.

Here is the general breakdown of her methodology:

Approach the person with an icebreaker. Discuss current events, ask an intriguing question, offer a gift (depending on meeting situation), or share a short relateable story.

When it comes to developing your pitch it should have the following components:

  • Intro – should grab attention
  • 3 body components – persuasive questions, convincing arguments, or compelling ideas
  • a conclusion to wrap up all that you have said
  • and a close – should be a call to action to set up an appointment with the person to further present your ideas

Here is the video in its entirety for your deeper understanding. Enjoy!






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