[Throwback Interview] Ms. Lola, Kimberly Lola that is…

This is a re-post of an interview that I did with singer Kimberly Lola (based in Cali) for Vehem Magazine. Enjoy! 🙂


I was able to catch up with the talented Miss Kimberly Lola after her performance this weekend to see what the songstress would like to share with Vehem Magazine. She’s so bright, ambitious, and full of life, I got a boost of inspiration and motivation just speaking with her. See exactly what it is that she had to say…


Vehem Mag: So in your own words, who is Kimberly Lola?


Kimberly Lola: Ha! That’s actually a good question! Well, I’m a lot of different things. I’m a model, a

dancer, an artist, and a business woman, I do a lot! I was brought up on old school R&B but in the future

I intend to diversify with a little bit of pop.


I see! You seem to keep very busy! How long have you been singing professionally?


I began singing since I was a child. My first paying gig was at 2 years old.


WOW! 2 years old?! That is amazing!

Being that you have been singing for so long, are you signed with a label or are you an independent



I’m an INDIE! I write my own material, get the producers together, photo shoots together, and book gigs

all without the backing of a label.


Is your goal to be signed to a label or would you rather stay independent?


Being with a label would be nice, especially to have that financial backing and other support that comes

along with it, but I feel like sometimes the labels try to control what is put out and I wouldn’t want to

have to choose between my music and the label if it came down to it. But if a label was interested I

wouldn’t be objected to it, it depends on the label and how they are willing to work with me.


Being that you are in different aspects of entertainment with your music, dancing, and modeling, have

you met any people along the way who have assisted in your music career? And what lessons have

you learned along the journey?


Well, I’ve learned a lot along my journey. I’ve met and learned from a lot of different industry insiders.

Most important thing I’ve learned is quality over quantity. It used to be that I would work on a bunch

of songs and have a lot of songs ready to go but they weren’t all of the best of quality. I’ve learned to

take my time crafting my music and working with people who will help me to produce the best quality.

Currently I am working with a producer who is more like my mentor now, and I’m creating some really

great work.


I’ve listened to “Like This” on your website and I read in your bio that your music is inspired by life

lessons, be it lessons learned by you or people you know. For anyone listening to your music for the

first time, or just learning about you, what would be your advice or key life lesson that you want

people to get from your music?


I would want them to learn the number one thing that I have learned, throughout all of my

relationships, good or bad, I’ve learned that you have to be happy with yourself first, because then you’ll

attract happiness. It’s like negative attracts negativity ya know, it best to stay happy then good will come

to you.


That is excellent advice. With that, I wanna know when the album is coming out! Do you have a date



At the moment there is no set date, but it will be out in 2011. My reason for that is I am making sure I

put out only my best work and I want it to be well received so I have to keep the fans on edge for a little

longer. But once I have a date I will be sure to make it known!


Ok, I’ll definitely be on the watch for it! In the meantime, let’s dig into a little about Kimberly Lola.

What do you like to do to relax?


I used to pride myself on not watching TV, but lately I find myself up late watching comedies like “The

Office” on my laptop as I wind down. I know comedies wouldn’t seem like something to watch when

going to bed but it’s relaxing for me!


When you’re not relaxing, what is your work ethic like? Are you the work-a-holic or are you the type

that needs to be motivated to get things done?


I’m definitely the work-a-holic! Once I start something, I don’t finish until it’s done. I start writing a song;

I don’t stop until it’s to perfection. Everything I have produced is a result of my work, my website, my

calendar, everything!


Wait you did your website too?! It looks great!


Yes, I do a lot of things on my own, not necessarily because I want to, but because it has to be done and

I’m not wealthy so I can’t afford to pay for everything, so I make it a point to get it done. Plus with all the

design skills that I have learned through doing it myself, it just adds to my assets and my professional



That is so true! You are truly a renaissance woman! I hope you continue with your drive and

persistence to be successful! Before we finish, is there anything that you want readers to know that

we haven’t talked about?


They can definitely check me out on www.KimberlyLola.com and follow me on twitter @KimberlyLola

and they can like me on Facebook by searching Kimberly Lola. My 2011 calendar will be coming out in

January and right now they can still get the 2010 calendar at a discounted price, aaaand I am working on putting together a few pop and acoustic selections of my current music they should be on the lookout for.








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