Twitter Motivation from @SuzeOrmanShow

Yesterday I was able to do something that I don’t get the chance to do too much… and that was lounge around and watch a little bit of tv. Thats when I came across Suze Orman and the Money Class. I am definitely a fan of her show and I watch it everytime I can, but for some reason I heard something that I never heard her say before… and that was that you should have an 8 month emergency fund in place… I was like WTH?! That just seems soooo impossible for me… 8 months tho?!

I told my self that I would start crafting a strategy and put it in place and attempt to give this a try with my already extended budget. But out of my frustration, thinking, and just out right awe about 8 months… I sent Suze an empty tweet (Empty Tweet is a tweet/mention that I don’t expect anyone to respond to), and to my surprise SHE RESPONDED!!!

This is what she said:

3 words…

Doesn’t sound like she said anything ground breaking right?! But to me that was something that I needed to hear at that current time, and Ms. Orman was right on time with it.


And you know what?! She was totally right, nothing is impossible and that unexpected response shook me out of that mind set and I started working on things yesterday with an renewed excitement.


To Suze if you ever read this, I just want to say thank you 🙂


The power of words is amazing, don’t you agree?! 😉


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