I need a new Place to Work…

As some of you may know, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook,  My favorite place to get work done is at Starbucks. I love the “caffinated” atmosphere, everyone sipping and getting work done. I think the smell of coffee also gets me motivated to do work too… but, I NEED A NEW PLACE TO WORK!!!

and by that I don’t mean a job (but if you have any leads I’m perfect for please let me know!). I mean a new place in terms of location. Starbucks gives me what I need when I’m here but I cant keep spending $3 – $10 a day on this “crackk!” I wish there were some places where I can work that gives me the same atmosphere, free wifi, and great coffee drinks at a lower price!

Please give me some suggestions!

Places I’ve tried:
Panera Bread
Dunkin Donuts
Barnes and Nobles
Various Diners located close to me





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