Cool Out With Some Sangria This Weekend #drinks #sangria

I looooooove white wine, not really a fan of red. Especially red, dry wine. BUT, this particular sangria recipe with red wine, a friend shared with me and I love it.


Get your favorite red wine. I prefer a Red (Rose) Moscato. Pour it in a large pitcher and add a healthy dose of blackberry syrup (not pancake syrup, unless you like that taste!) along with real blackberries, apple slices, blood orange slices, and a few grapes or peach slices and let it sit in your fridge for at least 2 hours so that all the flavors can marry and serve to you and your guests and watch it disappear in about an hour!

This is one of my favorite sangria recipies and I hope that you will love it too!



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Stay Beautiful! 🙂





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