My 5 Favorite Shots from my #deeplyrootedproject #Photoshoot with @PRiMo_SuPReMo Photography

Before you read my little blurb about this shoot and you take a look at the pictures I want to make sure I mention that the great idea for me to be involved in this shoot came from


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Now, onward to the pictures!!!!

This was my first photoshoot of 2013. Before then, I cant remember the last photoshoot that I have done. I have been modeling consistently for the past 10 years but this was the end of a looooong season of not having a photoshoot. I was so excited honored when I was approached to participate in this project, when you see the pictures you’ll see why. Bola aka @Primo_Supremo is a great photographer and takes a fresh approach to photography that steps away from the current fad of highly glamorized and over edited pictures. And for that I love these images! Everyone looks for photography to make them look great, but I think it should show what is there and bring to life an emotion or thought that you may not have thought of or felt before. His photography does that, and I’m glad to have been a part of this project.

Oh yea, I know the post title says 5 of my favorite shots, but I had to add more. There were so many frames from this shoot that I loved I couldn’t limit myself to just 5!

[nggallery id=7]

Also, as part of this project I was asked to share my natural hair story. Read about it and see the rest of the pictures that feature me from the Deeply Rooted Project here –

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