Prime Example – The wrong pose can make or break an outfit #PromBat #Rihanna

I saw this on Complex and I couldn’t stop laughing. Its a shame that Rih came at one of her fans like that but its hilarious! lol

Source: Complex
Source: Complex



Seeing this has further proved my point. Those that have taken any one of my modeling classes know that I preach, about the right pose, that the way you pose, stand, sit, etc. can make you look great or it can make you look horrible! You have to know how to properly pose according to your outfit and body shape.

Rih does it correctly, in a standard posing stance, cant go wrong with it no matter what your shape or outfit, but #prombat, as they call her, thought she was “doing it” and ended up looking like she was about to take flight and therefore ruined what could have been a great prom look.


Remember, its all about the pose when you doin it for the ‘gram!

Source: Complex
Source: Complex





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