The cost of doing business rises, should customers pay for it?

Today so far has been a very interesting day.

Its the last week of the month, of which I am usually preparing to pay bills and organize my budgets for the following month, and after looking at a few receipts and invoices I noticed, things just keep going up and up and up!

I personally hate the fact that things keep going up, like my car insurance…smh Not only did I not have any incidents or claims, but my insurance increased! When I asked why despite having no issues or claims, they said it costs more to repair cars nowadays.


So because, I never filed a claim and everyone else drives like idiots, and messes up cars and property, I’m paying for it… its not fair. (currently searching for new car insurance by the way.)

Anywho, the point of my blog post is this, everything in the world is increasing for me to handle business but I don’t want to have to pass my expensive costs on to my clients/customers.

Currently seeking ways to keep business moving without reasonably raising costs for customers.

How do you cope when your expenses get higher every year?

(The video, fyi, just illustrates general costs of being in business, whether you are a photographer or not. Plug in what applies to you)





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