How to Get Work as a Promotional Model #modeladvice #modellife

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It’s a lot simpler than you think. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that I work a lot of events as a model for various beverage brands, in addition to the work that I do with my company (Pour Models) as a special events bartender and model. I make a good portion of my income as a promo model for various brands and I am always asked how others can get started doing this type of work. I know if looks fun and it is, fun that I get paid for having and I get paid to travel to do.

Me as a Promotional Model for Remy Martin!
Me as a Promotional Model for Remy Martin!

With that said, here’s my advice on how you can get started working as a promo model making anywhere between $20 and $50 per hour and more!


3 responses to “How to Get Work as a Promotional Model #modeladvice #modellife”

  1. Asia Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing this wealth of information. I’m sad because I feel like I’ve done all of that with no results. I haven’t been sending a resume though, just pics. I’m going to incorporate the resume into my replies and broaden my search for gigs and see where that gets me. Thanks again!

  2. Charlie Avatar

    I am looking to become a Brand Ambassador in New York. This blog put a lot into perspective for me. I battle taking sexy seductive photos I’m learning to relax and send normal photos. Anyway that you so much for your Blog!

    1. Alean Elston Avatar

      Glad that it helped you! Hope it gets you great results!

      Alean 🙂

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