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  • Rihanna Demonstrates How She Rocks a Photoshoot (Video) | Complex

    Rihanna Demonstrates How She Rocks a Photoshoot (Video) | Complex

    Rihanna is Queen of taking a bunch of pictures with not much on an making it look so effortless that “regular” people think that they can attempt the same looks (not successfully tho, lol). For the recent Complex Magazine cover shoot, Rihanna demonstrates how she works the camera for the shoot, taking “selfies” aka camera phone pics…


    This week’s selection comes from a phrase that myself and associates, friends, and cowokers live by. Not to mention that FRONTLINE did their thing on this track and it doesn’t hurt that I have a bit of a South Jersey bias! lol Check out the video below and leave your feedback in the comments!  

  • Ryan Leslie – “Glory”

    R. Les is back, and switched up his style so he can get the “Glory.” And He’s not singing, he’s rapping….   Yes, Rapping in this song. What you think about it? Personally,  I like it.

  • Olivia’s “December” How Do You Feel About It?

    Looks like the Love and Hip Hop Star is has perfect timing. Just as her buzz starts to grow with the popular VH1 Hit, Olivia releases this song, “December” taking advantage of her time back in the spotlight. I’m glad to see her getting back to the music and doing it aside from being linked…