Olivia’s “December” How Do You Feel About It?

Looks like the Love and Hip Hop Star is has perfect timing. Just as her buzz starts to grow with the popular VH1 Hit, Olivia releases this song, “December” taking advantage of her time back in the spotlight.

I’m glad to see her getting back to the music and doing it aside from being linked from G-Unit. I think she wasn’t able to shine with them as she does with this track. We get to hear what Olivia can really do, a taste of her vocal range and she gives us a glimpse into a woman’s emotion as she sings about a relationship situation I’m sure we have all been through at one point in our lives.

So how do I feel about Olivia’s “December”? I like it, Love that she is showing us “Olivia” with her voice and attempting a come back with a song that people can relate to which I’m sure is going to appeal to the people in the Mary J, Keyshia Cole Fan Demographic. While this isn’t a song that I’m crazy about, I can rock with it.

Check out the song below!!!

Go Olivia, can’t wait to hear what’s next!


How do you feel about the new song December? Leave your thoughts on the song below!






One response to “Olivia’s “December” How Do You Feel About It?”

  1. G. Cuadrado Avatar

    I like it. I think this is a step towards exposing herself and showing case her hidden talent!

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