Things you MUST have to be a GOOD model (Part 1)

ANTM Cycle 7 Models (no that is not me in the top of the picture, although I do get mistaken for her a lot)


I usually get a lot of questions about modeling and what it takes to get ahead in the industry. Every time I am asked I always make it a point that being a good model, means being a “model person.” What I mean by that is, be the model that you want to be. You have to model a model in order to be a good model! That means getting into the mindset of a model and executing those mannerisms in your daily life. For example, when you are starting out as a model, you might compare yourself to your favorite model. Not saying that you look like that person, but their successes and thier persona. Don’t mimic what they do, but research what it is about them that has gotten them to the point in their career that they have reached.

Aside from the physical things that one needs in order to be a good model there are a few things from within that a model must have if they want to get ahead. One of the main things is a personality.


As a model, you will meet a lot of people and the key to you getting more modeling work often lies within meeting these people. You will need to be able to talk to people and project to your potential client that you are a confident and capable person. How do you do that? You have to talk and let people have a feel for the way you are!

Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t really know at social functions. Doesn’t have to be anything deep, it could be about the weather or better yet, compliment them on something you like about their outfit. That is usually a small ice breaker that can usually get the conversation flowing, who knows where it may go.

Another thing that most models need to be a good model is a good head on their shoulders, you have to be SMART!

Be a smart model…

I can’t tell you how many models I have met that seem to be the stereotype of the “DUMB” model. Very pretty but can’t count to 10 worth a damn! lol. As a model you are in this business as a self-employed business, you are independent. Even if you get signed with an agency, you are on your own. The agency works for you, you don’t work for them, no matter what you may think. Whatever jobs they send you out for, it is your choice whether you go or not. You are on your own to take care of how  you secure it, your transportation to get there, your hair, makeup, clothes, etc. you are responsible for it all. If you don’t know what you are doing, I strongly suggest that you do a lot of research about the business or start asking some questions. No client wants a model who doesn’t know what they are doing, and the ones that do, WILL exploit you for your ignorance. (MESSAGE!!! *in my spike lee voice*)

The last thing that I will mention for this article is:

You have to have “THICK SKIN”

What I mean by that is., you have to be able to take criticism, let downs, and whatever else this industry will throw your way. You can’t take everything personally and let it get you down in this business. Not everyone is going to book you, there will be times when people will tell you no and then IF they tell you why they said no and its a negative reason, you have to be able to take it as this is just the way the business is. If you cant handle someone telling you that you weren’t chosen because you have a look that they weren’t looking for, take it as you didn’t fit for this particular gig but there are plenty others where you would fit. When you find it, find out how you can exploit it and make your money to get in where you fit in! Don’t let one let down, let you down completely.

Part 2 will be up, pending the feed back from this post! 🙂

Miami Fashion Week Casting (Philly, NJ, NYC Area Models)

“Casting Couch” The Fashion Show & Swimwear Model Competition

Prize: Paid air fare & hotel for 1 first place Male & 1 first place Female model to Miami to particapate in the Miami Slpash: Dive into Fashion Swimwear Showcase – Catalina Hotel, South Beach Miami, Fl. – July 16, 2011

“Casting Couch” The Fashion Show & Swimwear Model Competition
To take place at the Key Club, 58 Park Pl., Newark, NJ 07102

Fashion Show Date & time TBA –

Female Model Criteria:
Height: 5’7″ to 5’11”
Dress size: 2 to 4
Attractive face
Swimwear model physique
Experience runway walk

Male Model Criteria:
Height: 5’11” to 6’2″
Waist: 32″ to 34″
Attractive face
Muscular physique (comfortable in speedo)
Experienced runway walk

All interested models must email the follow to be considered: City & State of residence, 2 swimwear photographs (NO LINKS), measurements (dress/jacket size), bio/resume & complete contact info – Please note: Only emails containing this info will be responded to.

Other than the first prizes of air fare & hotel, the winning models will be paid $75.00 rate to participate in the Miami Fashion Week Show as well as other perks.

Thank you! GOOD LUCK!


So, last week, I went to a runway model casting call. Its been a while since I have been to one and being that I knew the people doing the show personally, thought it would be a good place to get back in the motion of getting my strut on. So as we all lined up in height order I kept my chit chat with the other models to a minimum as we all discussed our frustration with how long things were taking (as these things usually do) when it was getting closer for my turn to walk. Now aside from the 3, maybe 4, girls that I was speaking with I kept my presence to a minimum. I heard some of the models talking very loudly in a negative way about how the other models looked as they walked down the runway. “She look a mess, I hope she dont get a call back!” etc. So when it came time for me to walk well, lets just say I worked it and none of them had anything to say about me other than a few “queens” tombout “WERK IT MAMA” and “OK BOO I SEE YOU”
It just amazed me to see that the models that talked the most SH*T, had the worst walk! and they had the NERVE to talk loud and proud about their hate to those around them. All I could to was shake my head.
Just me ranting about the modeling world… this is typical model behavior I guess but its not the behavior I choose to model. I hope all of you out there that read this don’t model this type of behavior, and if you do don’t get mad and be a hater, step your skills up and your confidence will follow.

Model Advice Vol 1 Issue 1: Child Modeling

Within the past 2 weeks I have gotten questions from friends I know and online friends about how to get their babies/kids started with modeling/acting. Being that I don’t have experience with child modeling I decided to do a little research online and offer my advice here.

DISCLAIMER: This is only for children who are just starting out. Children who have been booking work, will have a portfolio developed and have an agent to consult with. My 2 cents is for those who do not.

Don’t invest large sums of money in photo-shoots for children under the age of 10. Between the ages of infancy and 10, your child grows so quickly that to keep updating a portfolio as they age would be highly expensive because their look is ever-changing. Instead, take a few simple pictures of your child with your digital camera and make sure they are child centered and show off your child’s personality. For those parents who insist on getting professional pictures done of their child, I recommend The Picture People because they will do a mini shoot and you can choose what pictures of your child you want to keep and pay for those pictures and not spend hundreds of dollars.(While you’re at it take this time to get a family picture done while you’re there)

If/Once you have pictures, start contacting child agencies. Be sure that you fully research all agencies with the business licensing bureau in your state to make sure they are a legitimate agency. Do a thorough search of child talent and modeling agencies in your area and begin contacting them. Give them a call and ask about if and when they have open call days. If they ask you to email them a few pictures, send no more than 4 pictures for them to review.

Once you find an agent/agency who is willing to work with you, be sure to be prepared to attend all gigs, castings/auditions with your child. This could mean taking off work early, not going to work at all, or if your child becomes very successful, leaving your job completely.

Are you a child modeling/talent agent or a former child model/actor? Share some of your insight with readers on how you got started. We’d love to read your story! Leave your comment below 🙂

“RED FLAG” – I hope you know when something is wrong…

To all my models, I recently opened a message that was sent to me on model mayhem that looked suspect from the jump. Take a look at it and see if you see what I see…(click image to enlarge)

Do you see what I’m talking about?!!
Let’s go down the list for those of you who have no clue of what you are looking at…

  1. “JOB OFFER FROM GQ MAGAZINE” – First flag…Why would GQ be looking on model mayhem for models when if they ever needed models they would utilize an agency…
  2. There is NO picture and its listed as a new account…hmmm. Why no pictures? At least put some from the magazine up there.
  3. The name just screams fake to me after the 1st 2 red flags! lol
  4. The name “Jamie Bridge” which doesn’t match the name the account is listed under…seems odd right?! and the fact that this person tells me that they are 33 years old…why do I need to know that again?! o_O
  5. “I got a fashion outfit…in your area, get back to me for details….it is urgent” – What area am I located in? Could this message not be so general and urgent?!
    1. “Best way to contact me is by email” – If that’s the case, why didn’t you email me? and why can’t I just message you back on Model Mayhem?
    2. – (pause) If your conducting “GQ” business…why don’t you have a email address like the rest of the people who work for the magazine?!
  6. End Result in my mind….FRAUD!!!! THIS IS NOT REAL!!!!

If you have received a message like this I hope you know how to spot and recognize a fake when you see it. There are plenty of models who fall for this, getting their hopes up and not using their heads…If you get a message like this please STOP, RE-READ, THINK ABOUT IT!!! and if its still strange to you MOVE ON, your 1st instinct is usually the right one.

Check out My Modeling Apperance on Good Day Philadelphia!

On a recent episode of Good Day Philadelphia, Alean Elston was spotted modeling Spring Work fashions from local Philadelphia Designer Priscilla Costa. The dress she wore was a wool dress embellished with silk flowers and a red ribbon belt and retails for $300 along with Mykonos Jewelry ranging from $33 – $76 . Click on the video to check out Alean and the latest spring fashion must-haves for the office.

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