So, last week, I went to a runway model casting call. Its been a while since I have been to one and being that I knew the people doing the show personally, thought it would be a good place to get back in the motion of getting my strut on. So as we all lined up in height order I kept my chit chat with the other models to a minimum as we all discussed our frustration with how long things were taking (as these things usually do) when it was getting closer for my turn to walk. Now aside from the 3, maybe 4, girls that I was speaking with I kept my presence to a minimum. I heard some of the models talking very loudly in a negative way about how the other models looked as they walked down the runway. “She look a mess, I hope she dont get a call back!” etc. So when it came time for me to walk well, lets just say I worked it and none of them had anything to say about me other than a few “queens” tombout “WERK IT MAMA” and “OK BOO I SEE YOU”
It just amazed me to see that the models that talked the most SH*T, had the worst walk! and they had the NERVE to talk loud and proud about their hate to those around them. All I could to was shake my head.
Just me ranting about the modeling world… this is typical model behavior I guess but its not the behavior I choose to model. I hope all of you out there that read this don’t model this type of behavior, and if you do don’t get mad and be a hater, step your skills up and your confidence will follow.






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