Have you taken a look at the @NickiMinaj Summer Collection? Its really cute!

Doing my usual scrolling and checking out various videos on YouTube, I was getting ready to watch a video when the ad for the Nicki Minaj Collection came across my screen. Like most people when those youtube ads come on you wait the 5 or 10 seconds and click forward but this time after watching the required 10 seconds, I like the outfits that I saw. The collection is really cute and fun for the summer!

My favs from the commercial include the red swimsuit, and the cutoff white shorts with the pockets exposed.

Check out a few more of my favs:

Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt
Floral Print Crop Top and Pencil Skirt


Cut Off Overalls
Cut Off Overalls
Chevron Shorts
Chevron Shorts


Check out more of the collection here – http://www.shopyourway.com/nickiminaj/store

Oh and  “Baby Naomi” was servin in that video wasn’t she?!….WERK!!!

Designer Dress I Found for Under $4…yes I said $4

So this weekend I was in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ. I was supposed to be out there working when due to events beyond my control, I didn’t have to go to work! So what did I do, I went shoping!!! There was a Goodwill store close by and I thought to myself, since I don’t have to work…I should head to the beach and relax for the day, and that’s what I did! Before I did that, I had to get something cool and confortable to walk around in (all I had was my work clothes) so in to the Goodwill store I walked….

…and that’s where I found this dress (the yellow belt isn’t part of the dress, I added that). It was priced at $3.99. I thought it was more than reasonable (didn’t know it was a designer dress at the time) and I took the dress, tried it on (it fit perfectly) and proceeded to the counter to pay for the dress. When I got to the counter I saw they give you an extra 15% off if you have a High School or College ID, luckily I STILL carry my college ID around for moments like this! lol Never know what discounts it will bring!!! After the total was all rung up, I ended up paying $3.39 for the dress!

After I got home, I decided to do some further examination of the dress and that’s where I actually looked at the tag… It was a Proenza Schouler dress, from around 2007/2008 from what I gather. I assumed that it was part of the Target GO INTERNATIONAL DESIGNER COLLECTIVE from that time, but I was unable to find this dress among that collection.

I just thought I’d share this.  Never know what you’ll find at the thrift store!!!

Special thanks to my MOM for taking these pictures! 🙂


Look what I found: A Great Home Decor Sale for 4th of July Weekend!!!

So in the midst of my web browsing, thinking about getting a few new things for the back yard and for the house to spruce it up for the summer I cam across a few things from one of my favorite stores, Modani Furniture! AND they are having a sale too! I’m having a hard time deciding which piece that I really want, so here’s my wish list. Maybe someone will get me everything on this list!!! (hint, hint)

One of the reasons why I like this store so much is because Modani offers modern furniture at a wholesale price that is three times more affordable than the average designer furniture store. Modani conceptualizes on showcasing Modern Furniture by using clean minimalist lines, cool tones and new modern styles with bold features. Turns out the sale runs July 1-10 on selected items. Click here or the image below for all sale items.

My Wish List:

Sexy Right!!!?!

1)      Sexy, modern and flexible, these leaning candle holders bring a fresh, clean design to your home. At only $39 (down from $240) the trio candle holders set will look nice while dining outside to watch the fireworks.

So Simple Summery and Chic for Storage right?!

2)      Store all your outdoor gear in Modani’s stylish storage box. Made of a synthetic rattan, this modern wicker box will hold up to water, wind, bugs and more with their weather-resistant material. Grab a couple to add to your patio or outdoor area to store your barbeque equipment, pool toys and other outside accessories for only $349 (down from $990). Click here for all outdoor items.

3)      The Grandiose vase is the perfect accessory to add to your garden or even to your outside patio. The large, sleek-lined white vase is oversized and sets on the floor next to a table. Bring some of your flowers in with this modern minimalist vase. Decorate for your outdoor Fourth of July party with this unique vase. Grab for only $90, down from $580.


Simple, and fierce at the same time, "I love Lamp" lol

4)      Perfect to light up those nights on the patio, this modern floor lamp will light up your porch while you relax over a BBQ dinner this Fourth of July. Add a modern flair to your outside area with the Tuco Floor lamp for only $49, (down from $995).

5)      Get funky and stylish with the Nikkia vase. This ultra pink bubbly ceramic vase is the missing ingredient in any trendy and colorful apartment. Dress up your bedroom or outside table with this accessory. It comes in two sizes for a versatile look. Order yours today for only $15 (down from $180).

6)       The hottest deal is the rock-bottom prices on plush microfiber pillows in redblueblack and yellow. The soft pillows are a great accessory to toss on the couch, the bed or even behind your back while sitting at your desk. At only $15 (down from $110) they are a major steal!


Dont forget, these items are on sale until the 10th! Hope you have a great weekend shopping!!! I know I will!!! 🙂



Hair Trend Alert: Feather Hair Extensions

I came across these today and I thought I would share. These are feather extensions that clip into your hair and you can style them with a flat iron and curl them with a curling iron and everything! Just as if it was your hair! I like the concept of these feathers, but being that I have natural afro-textured hair, I don’t see how I can wear this without having a straight sew in weave. Either way, I decided to share because I thought this was pretty cool, and with the right styling it can be really unique and cute. Check out the feathers in action in the video below.

If  you have his product or you have tried it let me know what you think of it. Maybe I’ll get these for my next photo shoot???!?!?!?! (Any Photogs in jersey, philly, maybe nyc wanna try for it? Im thinking beach scene but rugged…)

Neiman Marcus Shows Us What’s IN this for Spring/Summer 2011

Photos by: Alean Elston

Is your wardrobe ready for the spring and summer months? Not sure what trends are hot this year for the summer? Need to update your closet from last year?

Kareen Mallet, Senior Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus, presented the hottest fashion trends of the season with pieces from Gucci, Channel, Balenciaga, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Tory Burch.

The color of the season: Coral

Coral is one of those ultra feminine colors that screams, PAY ATTENTION TO ME!! Its not quite pink, and its not quite orange which makes it a color that you can pair in various looks and with various colors. Not sure what to pair with this lovely color? Try white, ivory, or gold colors as shown here. If your feeling a little bold in your color selection, consider pairing your coral with the right shade of blue or purple accessories.

The Style of the season: Boho Chic

Looking for a style that you can put together that is simple  and easy, but makes you look like you put a lot of effort into it? Consider the Boho Chic style. Throughout the years, the Boho look has taken on different variations but a lot of key pieces have remained the same. Long flowing skirts and tops that catch the breeze,  scarves to accent your outfit along with bold chains and over-sized pendants, and lets not forget easy going sandals to complete the look. When attempting to achieve the look of this trend, consider your color scheme and don’t fight it, go with it and layer on elements of the look that make you feel good and you’ll look great! When in doubt with this look, think hippie chic.

Other Styles for the season:

Can't go wrong wearing ALL White
Don't forget the jacket for those crisp spring days and nights!
Stripes!!! Enhance or Reduce Figure Flaws with them.

A Word of Style Advice from Kareen:

Try to incorporate at least one piece from the trends for this season in your looks. If its a floral piece, stripes, or even something as small as a statement piece of jewelery it can help to change your look completely.

For more information on the looks that you see featured check out NeimanMarcus.com

Check out other pictures from the show here: