Ask an Entrepreneur: Lara Georgine on How to Obtain GOOD Clients

Throughout the start of my blog, one of my main missions is to share information about the business of business so that others may gain knowledge and insight on how I do things. Recently, I thought it would be interesting to gain the insight of other entrepreneurs like myself who would be willing to share their insight on business as well. Throughout my search I have found Lara Georgine through the popular networking site LinkedIN. I asked her if she could share how she obtains good clients and avoids the problem clients. Check out her response below and be sure to check out her blog, for even more insight on Lara and her business!

As an entrepreneur, I gain the most customers through LinkedIn. I have joined many different groups and I post my different websites as well as my blog (which I try to keep updated weekly). I also do artwork specifically to post on other blogs to receive ping backs and/or as trade for a listing on their site(s).

I also attend trade shows that are of interest to me and I place advertisements with Google ads, which can be great as I have received a good amount of free advertising dollars by searching the internet. I have joined some local groups which offer a link to my blog, and I respond to ads from different listing sites.

I have been very fortunate with my clients so far, and have had few problems (knock on wood!) but I make sure that all parties are comfortable with the contract I provide. I did have to learn the hard way to make sure to have the contract there in the first place, as I had sent art work without more than a vague email, which does not hold up as a contract. I lost both my art and my client on that one.

I have found that the most important thing is to be up front and to make sure that the client is aware of when I am available and when I am away. Not that I need to tweet them my working hours, but if there is a holiday or a long break, they must be aware as early as possible.

Best of luck to all who are out there!



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LaraGeorgine is a Philadelphia and New York City-based fine arts professional with more than a decade of experience in art direction, graphic and textile design, illustration, and corporate identity management. Her work has been lauded by major apparel and design firms around the country, and her creative, solutions-based approach has built LaraGeorgine’s reputation as a leading independent creative professional in a diverse scope of capabilities. In addition to her portfolio at, and her fabric line at www.spoonflower/, her designs have appeared on the sales floors of some of the world’s major retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Target, Sears, Walmart, Kohl’s and others. (Taken from





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