5 “Business Models” who are great at minding their business

They say it takes several streams of income in order to be wealthy. Which got me thinking about other models who have done more than modeling to create more revenue streams. I like to think of it as Business Models Minding their Business. (cute right?! :-D)

As a model, you should always conduct yourself as a business and these models have done that plus created seprate businesses that have generated more for them in addition to their modeling. Click  the next page to check out my short list.





2 responses to “5 “Business Models” who are great at minding their business”

  1. G Nice Avatar

    I love this post, it is great to see women of color taking their future in their own hands. Nice.

    1. Alean Elston Avatar

      Thanks! Thier movement keeps me motivated on the path to keep pursuing my own! 🙂

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