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  • Cool Out With Some Sangria This Weekend #drinks #sangria

    I looooooove white wine, not really a fan of red. Especially red, dry wine. BUT, this particular sangria recipe with red wine, a friend shared with me and I love it. BLACKBERRY SANGRIA Get your favorite red wine. I prefer a Red (Rose) Moscato. Pour it in a large pitcher and add a healthy dose of blackberry…

  • Cheers to the Freekin Weekend!!! #drinks #martinis

    Welcome to the start of your weekend! For me its the start of my work week! But since most of America is gearing up to relax with friends or party it up. I wanted to suggest a drink to try while you are out and about. Its summertime, and if you are looking for something…

  • Tea for Tuesday – Texas Iced Tea

    Texas Iced Tea Best in a highball glass 1 oz Tequila fill glass with Iced Tea Build over ice and stir and garnish with a lemon or lime slice or wedge

  • Qream by Pharell Williams

    New drink by Pharell Williams called Qream. Flavors come in peach and strawberry. He says it tastes good especially if you bake with it, something I’m going to try soon. Check out this twit pic from Mary J. Blige of Her and Pharell enjoying it with some Ciroc.

  • Tea for Tuesday – Bacardi South Beach Iced Tea

    Bacardi South Beach Iced Tea Best in a collins glass 3/4 part Spiced Rum 3/4 part Citrus-Flavored Rum 3/4 part Light Rum 3 parts Sour Mix 1 Part Cola Build over Ice and stir

  • Tea for Tuesday! – 3 Mile Long Island Iced Tea

    3 Mile Long Island Tea Best in a Collins Glass 1/2 oz Gin 1/2 oz Light Rum 1/2 oz Tequila 1/2 oz Vodka 1/2 oz Triple Sec 1/2 oz Melon Liqueur Splash of Sour Mix Splash of cola Mix with ice

  • Tea for Tuesday! – Apple Iced Tea

    Apple Iced Tea Best in a Highball Glass 2oz Sour Apple Schnapps Fill glass with Iced Tea Build over ice and stir Garnish with mint and apple or lemon slices

  • Great Summer Drinks!

    Not sure what drinks to have at your summer party? Check out this list of favorites and try some of these refreshing drinks! SHOW ME THE MONKEY! -FROM STEVE S. – CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE! HOW STEVE ENJOYS THIS DRINK – “By the pool or with friends in the backyard” WHAT’S IN IT AND HOW TO…

  • “Wine-ing” and Relaxing After a Long Week

      Well, its been a long week. A long LONG week for me. I don’t work Monday through Friday like most people and for me, Today my weekend begins. How am I spending today? In order to stop my whining about the long week, with some WINE of course! There is nothing like a good…

  • Happy Hour: GUMBALL MARTINI (Yaay its the WEEKEND!!!)

      For most people, Friday is the end of a work week and the beginning of a break from the 9 -5 grind. For me, its just a mini break in the evening that I can spend reflecting and having fun with friends either staying in or going out. Of course we like to do…